TAILWINDS JUNCTION is located at Carstairs Alberta, 30 minutes north of Calgary. We started raising miniatures after buying a pair at auction and have never looked back. We presently support 19 +/- minis. We try to breed and raise LITTLE ones and have been successful in having some really small ones with good conformation and nice natures. We now have a major APPY program with some excellent results over the last several years.

Visitors are always welcome and our girls love to "show" up for company.


Our Farm Name "TAILWINDS JUNCTION" came from our mini donkeys. We had a six-up hitch and wagon that was used to provide advertising for our business by participating in parades in small towns where we operate. They appeared in the 2001 Calgary Stampede and have also performed at Spruce Meadows. One day a friend dropped by just as we were putting the donkeys out to pasture. When they cleared the gate, they ran off at full speed to check out their boundaries. Unfortunately this produced an inordinate amount of flatulence. Embarrassed, I blurted "please excuse the boys' bad manners," to which he replied "oh that's alright, it's just their tailwinds." A great name was born.