We can watch the stalls with these great little cameras. They work at night in black and white with just a 7.5 watt nightlite and the picture is just like daytime and have audio as well. Simply connect the camera cable (65') to coaxial cable from the barn to the house and plug into the TV. These start at just $139.

We also have color cameras but the nightvision is not as clear and requires more light. We also have systems that can operate up to 8 cameras on a rotating basis.

For a bit more money, we have some wireless systems that can operate up to 300 feet with either battery or DC current. These come with 1 camera and the receiver connects to the TV.

There is also a complete system with 4 cameras and monitor (14" or 17") all wireless. These show all four cameras in rotation as well as all together on a quad screen.


We also have a terrific little guy - wireless B&W on either DC electric or regular batteries. This unit consists of 1 B&W camera and a 5.5inch monitor. These can be fitted with up to 4 cameras and have a range of 300'. We use one in the farthest barn and the metal roof etc have no effect on the clarity. We are going to try one in the truck and trailer and see if they work. Being able to use them on battery should be amazing. and under $200.


We cannot tell you all the system setups as yet, as I am just getting to try them myself in the horse-related uses. I have to see what works for us and what doesn't as most of this equipment is primarily used for security and surveillance work. But I do have most of this setup and am ironing out the bugs. Feel free to call or email with any questions.